David Dreves Kayaking
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David Dreves Kayaking - About Us
What started as a backpacking and paddling company in January 2000 called "Pack and Paddle Adventures", quickly became a dedicated paddling business by 2003 providing "Paddle Canada" certified kayak courses and developing "club type kayak programs". Throughout the years I have been involved in many community park and recreation programs and by 2006 it was clear that more people knew me by name than my business name... so I officially changed my business name to "David Dreves Kayaking". Since that time I have had the privilage of working with a handful of exceptional Instructors and Guides, who love to paddle and who want nothing more than to share their skills and knowledge with others. They are a great group of people and I feel blessed to have them working with me.
We now provide Sea Kayak, Canoe and Stand Up Paddle Board programs and are one of the leading providers of certified paddling lessons. Along with our lessons we offer a variety of tours... no experience required... and if you have completed our training programs can join us on discounted rental nights or club programs.
We have been paddling the White Rock and Crescent Beach area for over 15 years now, as well as many other areas around Vancouver Island both the inside and the outside. We know the coast, we know the weather, we know the waters and we know skill development and knowledge make all the difference when it comes to making good decisions on the water. We are an Instruction company and believe in building a safer paddling community. When it comes to rentals... we are happy to rent out our equipment when it is not being used in a course, but we do expect that people heading out on their own have some basic skill and knowledge. The ability to look at a marine forecast and make a decision on paddling for the day, the ability to manuver their boat / board and if necessary do a wet exit and recovery.
David Dreves Kayaking
SUP Courses, Tours and Rentals in The Greater Vancouver Area,
Surrey / White Rock / Ladner
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